Smitty's Wood Stain is an oil based proprietary blend. We have been mixing stain for 10 years and have been in the industry for over 17 years. Through much research, trial and error we have made a product that no other stain can come close to in terms of quality

We see a 3-5 year longevity with our applied product. Longevity depends on sun exposure, sprinkler system patterns, correct application, and % of humidity at the time of staining the wood.  Smitty's fence

stain has been tested on over 1800 fences and counting in the last 5

years with only great results with NO formula change.

Our Mission is to give you the highest quality oil based stain without gouging you on prices like our competitors have made the practice of doing for years. 

The stain ingredients in our transparent stains allow it to crawl across and through the wood for even coverage. This process lasts approximately 2 weeks. The special sealer allows for maximum penetration and coverage unlike any other stain.

One coat coverage 

No runs, laps, or streaks

No cracks or peeling

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