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How To Apply


Before following along, here are some things to consider first!


Smitty's stain does great on wood that is new, pressure washed, or is washed by a sodium hypochlorite wash. Please be sure to thoroughly clean the surface of any previous coatings such as a water based or oil based coating and also mold, grease, dirt, or any caustic substance. 

The product should not be used on decks or any other high foot traffic area.


Please avoid skin and eye contact with the stain, and over exposure to the product. Use approved respiratory protection devices

1.  Stir thoroughly before use​​.

Smitty's Wood Stain and seal is an extremely user friendly top quality fence stain. Just stir thoroughly before use. For optimal performance make sure the moisture content of the wood is 12% or lower for maximum absorption.

2. Cover any plants and vehicles and wet the surrounding area.​​

If spraying, be sure to cover plants vehicles, and wet the surrounding areas to prevent overspraying as much as possible. 

3. Apply stain.​​

Smitty's Wood Stain and Seal can be applied using brush, roller, pump sprayer, airless sprayer (Graco, Titan), or a gas powered sprayer. For optimal results use a airless sprayer with a 515 tip.

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